AppleCare For Business – It’s Worthwhile

AppleCare For Business – It’s Worthwhile

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AppleCare Professional Support is seen as the perfect solution to provide excellent Service alongside Apple hardware. Integrating it into the Service guarantees a great experience and increases gain. It also warrants that Apple stands behind its product quality and wants the product to be used for a long time.

This article takes you through the importance of AppleCare for your business.

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Why is AppleCare worthwhile for business?

With AppleCare, you can insure your Apple devices for 2 or 3 years. So, for example, suppose one of your Apple devices accidentally breaks during that period. In that case, Apple will repair or replace the machine as soon as possible. 

In addition, you can get AppleCare for all your Apple devices. There are three different AppleCare solutions, 

  • AppleCare Help Desk Support
  • AppleCare OS Support
  • AppleCare Enterprise Support
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Does your organisation deploy Apple devices? Then, choose AppleCare from iPlanet Enterprise. With this package, you get a personal AppleCare account manager to monitor your hardware and software problems. This account manager is your fixed contact.

There are people ready to provide you and your employees with technical support day and night. If there’s a high-priority issue, they’ll respond within 1 hour. In addition, the repairs of your Apple products are covered for 2 or 3 years. Apple usually takes care of repairs or replacements within one working day.

#1 Your AppleCare Account Manager

AppleCare for Enterprise begins with the AppleCare Account Manager – your personal point of contact with AppleCare. The AppleCare Account Manager will help in reviewing your IT infrastructure and track issues you may be having.

AppleCare Account Manager
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And, Account Manager delivers monthly activity reports for support calls and repairs. You and your team will get the most out of AppleCare for Enterprise utilising the continuous support from your AppleCare Account Manager.

#2 Integrated Support & Service

Apple produces the hardware, operating system, and numerous applications for every Apple product. So, AppleCare for Enterprise delivers integrated support and service you can’t get anywhere else.

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When you need help with iOS apps, we’ll help troubleshoot your solution and work to resolve your issue. Support is available 24/7 with one-hour response times for top-priority problems, such as when a production service is down.

You can also add the number of technical contacts to the agreement.

#3 Help for your help desk

AppleCare for Enterprise shall help in reducing the load on your internal help desk by delivering technical support for your employees over the phone, 24/7. iPlanet Care will offer technical support for operating systems and Apple hardware; Apple apps like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers & personal accounts or settings.

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#4 Device Repair or Replacement

Apart from onsite hardware coverage, you can receive service up to 2 percent of your covered Mac computers, or up to 5 percent of the covered iPad or iPhone devices, for any reason. So if an employee accidentally damages a device, AppleCare for Enterprise can cover that, too. In most cases, iPlanet Care can repair or replace the device within one business day.

AppleCare For Mac, Apple Studio Display, iPhone, and iPad

The primary services of AppleCare for Enterprise are flexible service choices, priority onsite services, and faster next-business-day device repair or replacement.

AppleCare for all products
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Global onsite hardware service

Depending on your chosen plan, you can get onsite service coverage for 4, 3, or 2 years from your Apple Products purchase date. If you have a hardware problem during that time, AppleCare for Enterprise will support you in getting back up and running quickly.  

You can get onsite Service at your location as soon as the next business day or assistance from any Apple Authorized Service Provider across Apple’s worldwide network. Use the onsite service lookup tool to find the onsite service in a specific location.

iPlanet Care – Apple Authorized Service Provider, would be the expert option to cover your Apple product needs in India.

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IT department support

AppleCare for Enterprise comprises AppleCare Help Desk Support that provides unlimited telephone technical support for hardware and software diagnosis, troubleshooting, and issue isolation for Apple-based solutions. 

Furthermore, this direct access to our Business and Education advisors comprises graphical user interface-level help with macOS Server network configuration and server administration. When you call, you can get help for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

For more complicated issues, AppleCare for Enterprise provides you with an incident of IT department-level support each year. In addition, you’ll get help with complex deployment and integration plans, including MDM and Active Directory.

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    AppleCare OS Support

    AppleCare OS Support delivers enterprise-level incident support, which supports integration into heterogeneous environments, from system components to web applications and services.

    In addition, every AppleCare OS Support plan contains AppleCare Help Desk Support, an annual plan covering unlimited support incidents for software installation, launch and use; diagnosis and troubleshooting; and issue isolation for Apple solutions.

    You can add additional IT department support through an AppleCare OS Permission agreement. So whether you have occasional questions or need assistance regularly, iPlanet Enterprise has flexible support methods to fit your requirements.


    Even when things go wrong, Onsite hardware service and next-business day device replacement ensure users have a great experience with their Apple products. Plus, 24/7 technical support for end-users also reduces the burden on internal help desks and IT Teams, freeing them to work on more interesting, transformational projects.

    AppleCare for Enterprise is provided in volume-based price tiers. To know more, contact iPlanet Care for Enterprise today!


    1. What is AppleCare for Business?

    AppleCare delivers much more benefits than a warranty for Apple products. For instance, Apple experts are prepared to answer all your Apple questions. In addition, you’ll gain support during the setup of your business Apple devices, and your IT department will be backed with AppleCare.

    2. Are there different AppleCare OS Support Plans?

    You can choose AppleCare OS Support plans based on your business needs.

    • Select (Covers up to 10 enterprise‑level incidents and provides a four-hour response for high-priority issues)
    • Preferred (Unlimited number of enterprise-level incidents, provides two-hour response for high-priority issues)
    • Alliance (Unlimited number of enterprise-level incidents across multiple locations and provides one-hour response for high-priority issues)

    3. How do you purchase AppleCare for Enterprise?

    You can easily purchase AppleCare with your business products purchase. You can also get AppleCare for your Apple devices separately, but only within a specific period. You can also contact iPlanet Care for Enterprise to learn more about AppleCare.

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