Why Are Companies Switching to Mac?

Why Are Companies Switching to Mac?

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Many think, “Should I get a Mac or PC for my business?” But, the focus is more on reliability, security, and user-friendliness – beyond what is offered on a PC. 

Now, why do companies prefer Mac? 

Powering a company with Apple technology quickens & increases the number of day-to-day processes and allows the business to scale fast. There are many attributes to confirm the statement mentioned above. This article will take you through Why companies are switching to Mac.

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Reasons for Switching to Mac

Apple designed Mac to be intuitive & pleasant to work with, which could make employees happier and more productive.

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Of course, it’s normal for businesses to stick to what they know and keep relying on PCs, but there are many causes for switching to Macs.

Let’s look into the primary reasons for switching to Mac.

  • Mac brings Value.
  • Mac is powerful for Pro users.
  • Manage easily with Mac.
  • Secure with Mac.
  • Employees choose Mac.
  • Easy to bring Mac into the workplace.
  • Mac is excellent for work.

#1 Mac brings Value.

Mac is made to be highly reliable. Mac reduces overall device costs, improves security and improves overall employee experience. AppleCare programmes extend the life of Apple hardware if anything goes wrong.

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#2 Mac is Powerful for Pro Users.

Whether employees take care of daily assignments or push their limits with intensive pro apps, they can do it all on Mac faster than ever. Mac comes in various sizes & models, and every model formulates incredible power to work. 

M2 and macOS Ventura notebook computers can have up to 20 hours of battery, so employees can work all day on a single charge wherever they are. The M2 chip also delivers incredible performance, custom technologies, & extreme power efficiency. 

Easy Coding on Mac
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#3 Secure With Mac.

FileVault even encrypts its entire system for added security. So no matter what they’re doing, Mac helps private information stay that way. The “M2 chip” and “macOS Ventura” bring Mac the most advanced computer security.

Mac has built-in protections against malware and viruses, allowing users to choose what they share and how they share it.

#4 Manage Easily with Mac.

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal to help deploy Apple devices through a mobile device management (MDM) solution. It provides employees with apps, books and software in one place. So every Mac is ready to go from the start.

Mac is best for companies. Apple technology helps business to grow.
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Whether the Business has ten devices or ten thousand, Mac fits easily into their existing infrastructure. We make it easy to pick the right deployment option to meet their needs.

Zero-touch deployment enables IT to manage and configure devices remotely, and IT can tailor the setup process to any team.

#5 Employees choose Mac.

The flexible platform enabled greater productivity for engineers. Many work roles want Mac – from sales teams, IT teams and developers to executives and creatives. The powerful, lightweight device improved mobile collaboration for sales organisations. In addition, the elegant design and user-centric approach inspired a new self-support model for IT teams.

On giving a choice to employees, If employees choose Mac, It would show Mac can help attract and retain employees for an outstanding user experience. 

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#6 Easy to bring Mac into the workplace.

Apple provides resources and services to make it easy for businesses to give employees the choice of Mac.

                   “Good for employees. Great for Business.”

Beyond the basic company setup, employees can personalise their devices and choose the perfect set of apps that will work for them.

A common worry among PC-based companies is that their staff will struggle to adapt to an entirely new kind of technology if they switch to Apple. However, it shouldn’t put anyone off making the change, as Macs are so easy to get used to. Apple has a site to help ex-Windows users in switching to Mac.

#7 Mac is excellent for work.

Mac makes it easy for employees to do their best work. Productivity apps like Microsoft 365 are familiar and work smoothly and seamlessly. 

Also, the App Store has apps for everything and everyone – employees can find thousands of apps for working, learning, editing or everything they need.

Apple technology benefit work
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Mac Apps for Business

Apple brings the best app platform to business. macOS provides:

  • Best built-in apps.
  • Access to the Mac App Store.
  • The ability to build custom and third-party apps.

Well-designed Built-in apps.

macOS comes with built-in apps at no extra cost, all designed to Apple’s user experience standards. In addition, every app that comes with Mac, and every app made by Apple, is optimised for M2 – so businesses that use an M2-based Mac will see a fantastic performance. 

A few of the many built-in apps are Safari, Calendar & Mail, Messages, FaceTime, & Contacts, iWork – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Screenshot of Built in Mac Apps for Business

- Safari for Best Browsing Experience

Safari has many features to protect the data while they browse the Internet, including Intelligent Tracking Prevention to help prevent cross-site tracking and advertising.

- Integrate Calendar & Mail

Both the Calendar and Mail apps can integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and Gmail, allowing business employees to keep up to date.

- Messages, FaceTime and Contacts

They can stay in touch by texting in Messages or through audio and video chat in FaceTime. In addition, they can easily maintain contact information in Contacts.

- iWork for great productivity

iWork is a collection of three apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They can easily create forms and other business documents with Pages, build spreadsheets with Numbers and create stunning presentations with Keynote. All three applications can also open and save files from Microsoft Office.

Mac App Store apps

The Mac App Store offers the most extensive catalogue of Mac apps, including excellent business apps. All Mac App Store apps are from validated developers and are known for reliability and performance. Furthermore, apps can update automatically after installation, saving their valuable time and IT resources.

Screenshot of Mac App Store

Custom apps

Businesses can become Apple developers to get the resources they need to design and develop their internal macOS apps that improve their processes. The Apple Developer Program gives developers the support they need to build apps exclusively for their organisation’s employees.

Third-party apps

Great third-party apps are available outside the Mac App Store directly from developers, such as Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Adobe’s Creative Suite. In addition, some third-party apps have been converted to Universal apps to run on Mac with M2. Apps that haven’t been converted can run using Rosetta 2.

Switch to Mac today
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Apple’s Mac shipments grew in the last quarter. Mac’s impressive performance, reliability, security, and user-friendliness have been the key to wide acceptance across different businesses & government sectors! 

Switching to Mac is made easy for your business. Get in touch with iPlanet Enterprise today – To transform your business by empowering your employees with solid & efficient Apple solutions.

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