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By introducing Apple devices to the field of education, we try to create a holistic learning experience for the young minds at work. These devices make lesson planning, conducting classes and tracking assignments so easy that it allows educational institutions the freedom to experiment and innovate. Furthermore, with unmatched IT support, we promise to give you all the help you might need along the way to cater to the growth and needs of future generations.

Apple has been at the forefront of building these accessibility features right into the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple watch software. 

These easy to access, simplified UI, with simple creation and collaboration tools – gives learners with disability a platform to connect, without feeling disadvantaged.

Support for Vision

Support for Mobility​

Support for Hearing

Support for Cognition

Voice Over + Braille

For many users, a braille display may be easier and more efficient than a standard keyboard — and for deaf-blind users, it is a requirement. VoiceOver can give descriptions of exactly what’s on your screen, in braille. Braille is automatically converted to text in a caption panel on Mac so sighted people can follow along with VoiceOver descriptions.

Spoken Content

With Speak Screen, you can hear the content of your entire screen read aloud to you, while Speak Selection lets you select and hear a specific range of text. You can also control the pace of the reading more precisely during speech playback with Speech Controller. Activate Typing Feedback to hear every letter you type. Languages are automatically detected to switch seamlessly between supported voices.

Reduce Motion

When you turn on Reduce Motion, you can decrease the movement of onscreen elements. Some screen actions, such as moving between apps or launching apps, become visually simpler for motion sensitivity or to lessen strain on the eyes.

Accessibility Shortcuts

Easily add, organise and customise shortcuts for the tools and settings you use the most in Control Centre. Add Magnifier so it’s always handy, or Text Size so you can adjust text size on the fly. And even add Hearing to quickly access Live Listen and Headphone Accommodations — all without leaving the app you’re using.

Text Size

Increase text legibility and visibility with simple font adjustments. Larger Text allows you to adjust the size using an accessibility slider. Or you can turn on Bold Text to give words weight on your screen.


Increase text legibility and visibility with simple font adjustments. Larger Text allows you to adjust the size using an accessibility slider. Or you can turn on Bold Text to give words weight on your screen.


Siri can help you complete the tasks you do every day. You can ask it to find files, set reminders, turn vision features on or off and so much more. No matter the Apple product, your favourite assistant is always ready to assist


Zoom is a screen magnifier that lets you enlarge the content you see on your device. Choose from full‑screen magnification or picture‑in‑picture view, which shows the magnified area in a separate window while the rest of your screen stays the same. Zoom also works with VoiceOver, so you can better see and hear what’s happening on your screen. Zoom Display on Mac lets you see content up close and at a distance simultaneously.

Assistive Touch

AssistiveTouch for iOS and iPadOS lets you adapt your touchscreen to fit your physical needs. If certain gestures, like pinch or tap, don’t work for you, swap them with a gesture that does or create a touch that’s all your own. AssistiveTouch for watchOS now enables users with upper-body limb differences to navigate an onscreen motion pointer on their Apple Watch display or answer calls using clench, double-clench and pinch gestures

Accessibility Keyboard

The customisable, onscreen Accessibility Keyboard lets you navigate and type in macOS your way. It includes support for custom toolbars and improved typing with auto-capitalisation and better word suggestions. This keyboard also supports head‑tracking hardware for those with limited mobility to move the pointer and select or drag onscreen items. And it has Dwell support, so all of macOS can be used without ever needing to click a mouse button.

Voice Control

Navigate your device using just your voice. Commands like click, swipe and tap help you easily interact with your favourite apps. You can precisely select, drag and zoom by showing numbers alongside clickable items or by superimposing a grid on the screen. Voice Control also offers a more efficient way to write and edit.


Meet the easiest shortcut ever. Back Tap lets you double‑tap or triple‑tap the back of your iPhone to automatically perform a range of custom tasks — from opening your favourite app to taking a screenshot.

Touch Accommodations

Adjust how the screen responds to your touch with Touch Accommodations. Control how long you touch before it’s recognised or whether repeat touches are ignored. That way, you can put your finger down anywhere on the screen and move to the item you want without mistakenly performing an action.


Dictation lets you talk wherever you would type. It’s easy to type an email, notes or a web address — without typing at all. Tap the microphone button on the onscreen keyboard, say what you want to write and your device converts your words (and numbers and characters) into text.

Workout App

The Workout app on Apple Watch helps you work out your way. Accurately measure your movement with specific exercise routines and set time, distance or calorie goals based on the type of exercise you do. For wheelchair users, there are two unique workouts: Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace and Outdoor Wheelchair Run Pace. Just choose a workout and Apple Watch turns on the appropriate sensors.

Made for iPhone hearing devices

Apple has worked with top manufacturers to create hearing aids and sound processors designed specifically for iPhone and IPad. These advanced hearing devices provide outstanding sound quality, offer many helpful features and are as easy to set up and use as any other Bluetooth device. Instantly apply your audiologist’s environmental presets as you go outdoors or enter noisy locations, like restaurants, without having to rely on additional remotes.

Live Listen

Live Listen is an assistive listening feature that helps you have better conversations in loud places. Just turn on the feature and move your device towards the people you’re talking with. Audio is picked up by the device microphone and sent to your wireless headphones or Made for iPhone hearing aids, so you can hear what they’re saying more clearly.

Headphone accommodations

Headphone Accommodations lets you customise your audio to best suit your hearing needs. Amplify soft sounds and adjust certain sound frequencies based on your individual preferences. xIf you already have an audiogram, you can import it from a paper or a PDF. If not, you’ll walk through a series of listening tests that allow you to set up as many as nine unique profiles based on your personal sound preferences.

Facetime video

FaceTime is a great way to communicate using sign language. With high‑quality video and a fast frame rate, FaceTime helps you catch every gesture and facial expression — from raised eyebrow to ear‑to‑ear smile. FaceTime detects when you are using sign language in Group FaceTime calls and will automatically make you prominent.

Mono Audio

Stereo recordings usually have distinct left- and right-channel audio tracks. Mono Audio can help streamline the differences by playing both audio channels in both ears. You can adjust the balance for greater volume in either ear, so you won’t miss a single note of a concerto or word of an audiobook.

Sensory Alerts

Your device lets you know when something’s up, in a way you’ll notice. Choose visual or vibrating alerts for incoming phone and FaceTime calls, new text messages, new and sent mail, and calendar events. You can set an LED light flash for incoming calls or have your iPhone display a photo of the caller. If you’re on your Mac, have it flash its screen when an app needs your attention. Or if you’re on the go, turn on the Taptic Engine on your Apple Watch to give you a gentle tap every time a notification comes in.

Type to Siri

Your digital assistant will help you with the things you do every day — all through your keyboard. Type to Siri mode makes it easy to get the help you need right away. Use your onscreen keyboard to ask questions, set up reminders, issue commands and more.

Noise App

The Noise app tracks decibel levels of the ambient sounds around you, helping you identify when sound levels in your environment, or from your headphones, could negatively affect your hearing. When you configure the Noise app on Apple Watch and connect compatible headphones, Control Centre shows you if the sounds playing through the headphones reach unsafe levels.

Background Sounds

Everyday sounds can be uncomfortable or annoying. Background sounds help minimise distractions and increase your sense of focus, calmness and rest to the tune of distant rain or ocean waves.

Spoken Content

Enhance your reading or writing with audio. Hear your entire screen read aloud with Speak Screen. Control speech playback with Speech Controller. Or use Speak Selection to have a specific range of text read to you. Then follow along as Highlight Content highlights words or sentences as they’re spoken. Or activate Typing Feedback so each letter you type is also spoken aloud.

Safari Reader

Safari Reader is an assistive technology feature that strips away ads, buttons and navigation bars, allowing you to focus on all the content you want — and none of the clutter.

Guided Access

Guided Access helps you stay focused on the task (or app) at hand. You can limit a device to stay on one app at a time by disabling the Home button. You can even restrict access to the keyboard or touch input on certain areas of the screen so wandering taps and gestures won’t distract from learning. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher or just trying to help yourself focus, you have all the options you need to customise your experience on Apple products.

Predictive Text

Let your device finish the sentence for you. Predictive Text adjusts its suggestions based on who you’re talking to and what you’ve said before. Just tap to choose the perfect suggestion.

iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain remembers things so you don’t always have to keep track of every password, card number and user name. It autofills certain information on any approved device, so sign-ins and checkouts stay simple and secure.

IPlanet education support for Assistive Learners.


We help support assistive learners through training that showcases the various features as mentioned above.  In addition there are various apps on the Apple App store for persons with disability.  We help with suggestions for specific use case apps and for collaborations with institutes that have expertise in these technologies.Safety features available on the Apple devices are explained to Teachers , Students and Support teams.

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