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Provide complete solutions to all your IT requirements by a team of trained professionals. Just a click away!. You can always count on us to make technology work for you.

iPlanet Education provide a complete solution to all your IT related queries. With a team of trained professionals, we are just one call away to bring you IT services right from the deployment of devices, installing apps and configuration to repairs and back up. You can always count on us to make technology work for you.

Apple and Education

Best technology for a futuristic learning experience.


iPlanet Education have a skilled team of trainers who have designed courses that make the deployment of Apple devices easier and understandable for everybody. Our courses ensure that your entire team is on the same page when it comes to incorporating the use of technology in daily activities. Some of our courses include user experience and PC to Mac switcher training for end users, iOS and macOS core essentials training for tech teams who are deploying Apple within business, iPad and Mac skills, and Keynote for business.


iPlanet Education have a skilled team of professionals and experts who know exactly how to help you with deploying and managing multiple Apple devices at the same time. We have helped a number of organisations from various fields to deal with even the most minor issue that they might face while adopting the Apple technology. We make sure that your workflow is not altered owing to any kind of software, WiFi, networking or storage issues. Furthermore, we also build cross-platform systems enabling you to collaborate, create content and have a safe back up plan while providing you with the finest technical support.

Installation and Deployment

We work alongside your project manager or provide you with our internal project management system. With great MDM solutions, we make sure that all your devices are integrated and in sync with your current working environment. Moreover, we also guide you regarding how to register your device for Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) that simplifies the initial setup of Apple devices with automatic supervision and MDM enrolment.

Configuration and Testing

We are here to make it super easy and super convenient for you to use. With preloaded business apps, systems, images and sync settings on your iOS and macOS devices, we make sure you get to create the best out of your creative workstations and storage. We also test new hardware, software and plug-ins and set up everything as per your requirements before shipping, helping us become an agent of motivation for your team’s success.

LifeCycle Management Services

IT teams at Education Institutes may need support when transitioning or adding Apple devices to their campus. We help provide the right technology, for data sync and transfer, and for ease of configuring a Mac or IPad, at scale. Data storage and auto backups can be easily configured. And at the end of the device lifecycle, we arrange for asset repurchase and safe disposal of the device. Through the lifecycle, extended warranty and annual maintenance contracts offer peace of mind for any repair or spare that may be needed.


Delivery of devices is usually made directly to the institute. However, with distance learning programs or for delivery to other facilities, devices may need to be delivered to multiple locations. This can be drop shipped to the specific user, to most cities in India. We also help with forecasting for new batch intake requirements and can hold inventory ahead of time, so that students can get their device on their first day of school or college.

App Deployment

IPlanet education offers various solutions for education. Digital examination is one such – unique paperless solution that mirrors the manual written exams but with enhanced features for security, quick deployment onto devices, fast and accurate results. We also have the capability to build custom build web or mobile apps, along with the necessary API integration for single dashboard views.

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iPlanet Education can cater to any of your apple product requirements for your institution. We are always here to guide you through any difficulties that may arise while getting your staff and students used to the latest technology by ensuring great onsite support and emergency replacements.

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