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iPlanet Education’s approach covers everything from helping schools introduce the latest Apple devices into the classroom, integrating with current systems, guiding CPD and curriculum strategies, and supporting with technology services. Meanwhile our unique Syncfinity Education buyback and recycle scheme ensures older devices never go to waste.

Bring the best out of Mac & iPad

Apple devices are built-in with a plethora of educational apps, tools, books, and videos that make learning more engaging and keep your child hooked to a subject. It also allows your child to explore the depths of their creativity by providing them with various resources for every subject and age. Be it commerce, science, music, or any other form of art- you can always trust Apple to have something for everyone.

Secure Environment

Apple devices come with a solid built-in security system that guarantees a safe learning experience for your kids. These systems are robust and protect the system from any internal harm. Moreover, the Apple School Manager also gives the school IT teams the power to put a security system to prevent hacking or any malware even if the student uses the device at home. 

Students Privacy First

Apple has carefully designed its hardware and software, keeping the student’s privacy in mind. Moreover, with advanced technological features like Managed Apple IDs and Apple School Manager, it is taken care that all the school details of the students are thoroughly protected and kept private. Apple takes an integrated approach with capabilities built to safeguard the privacy of all users within an institution.

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